Urlo is a performative robot. This website is the connection to him. You can see what he sees and hear what he hears. The delay to realtime is about 20 sec. You can tell Urlo by entering the site where to go and what to "scream out". This is his speciality as he is born in Naples Italy on June 4th 2010. The robot connects the anonymous virtual community with the real and "representative" community in the gallery.

Daniel Knorr an artist represented by Galleria Fonti, (the home of Urlo) came up with this idea and with the great help of fantastic people like Giangi the Gallery owner, Dipl. Ing. Andreas Knorr the artists father, Rainer Bidschun from Schlosserei Bidschun in Berlin, Knut Köhne from Moor-E.de and www.bug4fun.de in Ritterhude Germany and Robert Bartussek from www.bartussek.net in Munich, it was possible to give birth to this special robot.

Many thanks to: Luigi and Aldoina from Galleria Fonti, Piero Salvi, Vittorio from svilupposoluzioni.it, Nevin Aladag, Nungia and Antonio from Quartiere Sanità in Napoli, etc. His working hours are: from June 4th to July 30th 2010, Tuesday to Friday from 4 pm to 8 pm Please note, Urlo is taking a break during ART in Basel from june 15th to june 19th 2010.

You can see him in the gallery live in the via Chaia nr. 229 in Napoli Italy, ZIP 80132. For special questions please address to: info@galleriafonti.it